Portable Air Compressor for Auto Tyres and other Inflatables!

Ever been stranded on the road in the middle of the night due to Tyre problems? Yes, I know that feeling. We've always wished for a solution right? Looks like our prayers have been answered. Anything.lk has has offered us an amazing deal yet again! :) 

This tool is called a Portable Air Compressor. This is surely a handy device to keep in your car, in case of flat tyre emergencies. Most suitable for Cars, Bikes and other Inflatables, this offer for a portable and super convenient Air Compressor is a deal not to be missed! 

Highlights of this tool are:

  • 30 Pressure hose with lock (10ft)
  • Adapter Chord
  • 2 Nozzle Adapters and Sports Needle
  • Most suitable for Cars, Bikes and Inflatables
  • Made in China
In terms of price, the original value of this product is 2300/= , but anything is giving us a 39% OFF! The price comes down to 1400/= only. This is a must-have product, you never know when Tyre's will give us trouble. I suggest everyone grab this deal before its sold out! :)